Yoni Eggs - ben wa balls


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- description -

Connect with your own feminine energy and discover your own sexuality in a completely natural way with the Yoni Eggs.

Gemstones are known for their healing energetic properties and each stone has its own energy that brings you more into contact with yourself.

A yoni egg was originally intended to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but today we know that, unless you have a very good knowledge of your pelvic area, it is better to use them to awake your chakra and connect to your yoni.

All stones are 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals, silicones and BPA.

Choose the gem that pairs with your needs/personality; Yoni Eggs are available in jade, rose quarts, clear quartz, amethist and obsedian.

Jade is green in colour and is the stone for cleansing and protection. The crystal enhances serenity and balance. Jade resonates with the heart chakra and helps to release negative emotions and resolve tension in the pelvic floor.
Clear Quartz is transparent and colourless. It is seen as the master healer and has powerful cleansing properties making it highly suited to healings and energy work. Rock crystal harmonises, purifies, neutralises, regulates and provides energy.

Amethyst is transparent with a colour ranging from lilac to dark purple. The stone provides stress release and helps the body to release negativity and negative emotions. Amethyst stimulates the upper chakra, allowing it to advance your spiritual growth.
Obsidian holds powerful cleansing properties and can remove negative energy from yourself and your surroundings. This also enables it to neutralise disruptive vibrations. Obsidian removes blockages, fears and self-limiting thoughts.
Rose quartz is slightly transparent and pink in colour. It is the stone of universal love and the heart. Rose quartz helps you to open yourself up to more love, romance and happiness in your life.

Because the crystals are natural products and processed by hand, each stone is unique, and the color and size of each stone may vary. The crystals will have minor imperfections because of the raw nature of the stones. Be careful when storing your crystal, it can break when it falls.

Remember to clean Yoni Egg after each use. 

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- how to use -

Use your Yoni Egg to feel your pelvic muscles, increase the orgasm and awake your senses. We suggest not to use the Yoni Egg to train your pelvic floor. Yup, we know it is way different from what you know about Yoni Eggs, but you can find out why in our "Pelvic Floor and Where to Find It" Series - episode 9. If you like to insert it easier, you can use a few drops of water-based lube. Hold the eggs in your vagina for not too much time. Gems are known for healing powers, so you can also wear your egg as a necklace (that's why there is a small hole on the egg). 



- product details -


Material: 100% pure stone

No phthalate

100% Waterproof 

Cleaning: toy cleaner

Travel size: yes 

Height: 4.00 cm

Width: 3.00 cm 

Weight: 150 gr


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