The Banned List

Let's start by two fundamental facts:

  • Sexual wellness market is, unfortunately, not fully regulated so we must be careful with the products we choose to use.
  • Vagina's tissues are way more absorbent than other parts in our body, so every material/substance interacting with vagina's walls will be absorbed by our body twice as fast. 

It's fundamental then to be aware of products you use in your intimate parts, that's why we have created the banned list and pureeros guaranteed products; for your knowlegde and overall health. 

Pureeros™ will not sell products containing the following materials. 


Diazolidinyl urea    It releases formaldehyde, which is carcirogen and may cause rush or irritations
Dioxin e Furans Present in most tampons and pads, linked to cancer possible reproductive probelms and endocrine disruption
Formaldehyde All substances containing it are carcinogen 
Glycerin Typically contained in oils and wax it is better to avoid the contact with intimate areas ad it may trig bactarical vaginosis, pH alterations
Octoxynol  Used in lubes and condoms, may create rush, irritations and pH imbalances especially if liked to dioxane and ethylene oxide
Parabes Frequently used in cosmetic products but have been linked to homone disruption
Paraffin & Petrolates Can increase the chances to break condoms, alterate pH and risk of STIs
Phthaltes Some are related to endocrine distruptions and fertitliy issues
No-natural Fragrance Syntetic fragrance's ingredients are most of the time not specified and may cause rush and allergic reactions. We support the use of natural/organic fragrances
Silicon Beside medical grade silicon (grade V or VI) most of other silicones are trated with substances that can cause rush, pH alterations and allergic reactions
Triclosan Antibacteric used in many hygienic products, but when used in feminine hygine products may cause hormone disruption


What about sex toys? There are two main criteria to define if your toy is body safe; porosity and material. Here you can figure out if your toys are safe or not. Pureeros sells ONLY medical-grade silicon products or that are made of no-porous materials.