FunFactory kit of 2 - menstrual cup


- description -


First time with a menstrual cup? Would you like to have 2 different ones, depending on the the day of your period? This is kit is the one for you, because it contains 2 cups of 2 different sizes, depending on your needs.

In fact this kit contains 2 menstrual cups, one size A (smaller) and one size B (bigger).

Fun Factory has created Fun Cups, the menstrual cups that make your life easier, make you save money, help the environment and also our intimate wellness. These cups are made of medical grade silicone and have the upper edge and the lower tip a little bit tighter, to apply the right pressure, keep the cup positioned and help us when it's time to empty it. The central part, instead, is soft and flexible, so that we don't even realize we are wearing it.

Fun Cup size A is made of a little tighter silicone and it's smaller - in fact, it contains 20ml. It's ideal for those people that want more control when inserting it, for lighter flows and for women who haven't given vaginal birth. Also, it's perfect for active women, even when doing sport.

Fun Cup size B, instead, is made of a softer silisone and it's bigger, in fact it contains up to 30ml. Ideal for a person who looks for maximum comfort, for heavier flows and for women who have given vaginal birth.

Plus, inside the kit, you'll receive an antibacterical case, to take your cups around and keep them safe.



- how to use -


It’s important to disinfect your menstrual cup each time before use and once your period has ended. To disinfect your cup, just put it in a small pan, fill it with water and boil it for at least 5 minutes. Place your cup in a box or case to protect it from the dust or bacteria when you are not using it. Please remember to clean your hands when you have to insert or extract the cup from your body!


- product details -


100% medical grade silicone

Hypoallergenic material, non-porous

Antibacterical case included

Edges with ergonomic design to avoid leaks

Up to 12 hours of hassle-free protection

Covers everything from light to heavier flow

Healthy and safe - no odor, dryness or irritation

Reusable and eco-friendly period solution


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