Emanui - cleaner and steriliser for menstrual cups

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- description -


Emanui is born to clean and sterilise your menstrual cup anywhere you are. Don't you have a sink? Are you in the middle of a hiking? In a public restroom or a shared bathroom? Don't you want to use a food pan to boil and sterilise your cup? Emanui is the product for you.

Emanui is made of medical grade silicone, safe and nontoxic. It's discreet, small and light-weight. It cleans your menstrual cup in 1 minute when you need to change it or it sterilise it in 3 minutes by just placing emanui in the microwave.

Emanui is made of FDA approved materials, BPA free and it can be totally disassembled and recycled. Produced in Euope.

The packaging is made from responsible sources, FSC certified. Brochure and packaging are entirely recyclable.

Emanui is compatible with all those mestrual cup models that has a stem. No matters if long short, cut, ring-shaped. The most important thing is that the cup is bell-shaped and has a stem, because it needs to be anchored to emanui so it won't fall. It's not compatible with flat cups like Ziggy.



- how to use -

When it's time to change your cup, here comes emanui.


Unlock the purple lid and fill emanui with the correct amount of water. If there's no sink or water, you can use a bottle of water. Check if the orange cap is secured. Once filled, place back the lid on emanui and go to the bathroom to change.



Prepare emanui for your cup. Once in the bathroom, unlock the lid, turn it upside down and lock it again with the orange part on the outside. You can also use the hook of emanui to hang it to a hanger, to have your hands free.



Remove the cup and empty the blood in the toilet. Take back emanui and anchor the stem on the orange part. Rotate the orange part until you hear a noise. Now the cup is anchored and can be put inside emanui.



Unlock the purple lid, turn it upside down and submerge the cup into emanui. Secure the lid and shake emanui to clean properly your cup. You can also insert your thumb inside emanui to grab it better.



Empty the dirty water by opening the yellow cap and pushing out the water. Unlock the purple lid and take your cup back: it's ready to be worn again!



Remember that you can hang emanui to a hanger or to your finger thanks to the orange hook, so you will be more comfortable to wear your cup back. In one minute you'll be able to clean and wear your cup again!



If you need to sterilise your cup instead, put your cup inside emanui in the same way. Be sure to open the orange cup to make the steam go out and put emanui in your microwave. After 3 minutes, take emanui out (be careful, it can be hot), open and take your cup back to its case or to a place where it's protected from dust and bacteria.

The first time you use emanui, disassemble it and boil it with water in your microwave, to be sure it's completely clean. DO NOT put emanui in the oven.
You can use an initmate soap or a detergent to clean emanui but be sure that it's ok for the medical grade silicone.


- product details -


100% medical grade silicone

Cleans and sterilises your cup

Recyclable packaging and brochure

FDA approved

BPA free

Made from responsible sources, FSC certified

Produced in Europe


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