Classic Dynamics Plus Cocoro - period proof underwear


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- description -

Cocoro underwear is the perfect solution for light-to-heavy period flow. Thanks to its 3 absorbent layers, you will always feel safe, dry and beautiful; in fact, Cocoro knickers are functional and good-looking at the same time.

A new limited edition line has landed on pureeros: Dynamics! Period proof knickers with a cool revolution: striking patterns and bold colours. Classic Dynamics Plus is for medium/heavy flow. Fall in love with its yellow camouflage pattern combined with the matching lace on the hems. Ideal for the days of your period when you are feeling bloated. 100% natural, no leaks, breathable. Cocoro looks like your everyday undies but better.

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- how to use -

Thanks to the combination of three types of materials, the Cocoro knickers are perfectly designed to absorb menstrual fluid. Classic Dynamics Plus is for medium/heavy flow and has a bigger and more absorbent area compared to Classic Dynamics. Wash before use to activate the absorbent material.
Depending on your period, they can last up to 6-8 hours and you will always feel confident and protected. If it's your first time with period-proof underwear, we suggest your try it at home, so you can assess how they performed with your period. Cocoro undies are breathable, anti bacterial and they don't smell.

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- how to wash -


You can wash your Cocoro at 30' in the washing machine. Do not use softener. Do not put them in the tumble dryer. Avoid ironing. If you prefer, you can wash the Cocoro by hand!


- product details -


Certified organic cotton






No smell

Approved by gynaecologists

Last 2 years

Eco friendly



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