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GBalls 2 - kegel trainer


- description -

GBalls 2 is your personal coach for kegel exercises. It has six comprehensive training courses with voice guide, daily target and badges & reward system to motivate you during the training!

GBalls 2 tracks daily exercise activity with its multiple sensors and it ensures accuracy of biofeedback. It works also in non-app mode.

We recommend you to check with your pelvic floor expert that this is the right training for your pelvic floor before doing any exercise. 

GBalls 2 is rechargeable, discreet and waterproof. Remember to clean GBalls 2 after each use. 

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- how to use -

GBalls are worn inside the vaginal canal. Be sure you position them correctly before starting the exercise. You have to position it deep into the canal. Download the Magic Kegel app (for iOS and Android). Switch on GBalls by pressing for few seconds on its button and pair the devices, then follow the instructions on the app and the voice guide.


- product details -


Material: body-safe silicone

No phthalate

100% Waterproof 

Cleaning: toy cleaner

Travel size: yes 

Height: 8.20 cm

Width: 3.10 cm

Rechargeable: usb

Play time: 4h

Weight: 54 gr

Noise: whisper quiet ( < 50dB)


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