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Elvie - pelvic floor trainer


Elvie - pelvic floor trainer is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

- description -

Designed to cut out all of the guesswork, Elvie Trainer is an easy, fun and effective way to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor anytime, anywhere. The device connects to a free app that guides you through fun, 5-minute Kegel exercise workouts while visualising and correcting your technique in response to your muscle movements.

Alongside expertly designed pelvic floor exercises and personalised training programs, Elvie Trainer provides motivation via real-time feedback and viewable workout history. Use 3 times a week for just 5 minutes a day for for better pelvic floor strength, control and confidence. 8 out of 10 Elvie Trainer users who purchase Elvie Trainer to treat a problem feel improvements, 98% of whom do so in less than 6 weeks.

We recommend you to check with your pelvic floor expert that this is the right training for your pelvic floor before doing any exercise.

Elvie is rechargeable, discreet and waterproof. Remember to clean Elvie after each use.

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Delivery for Elvie might take up to 7 working days.

- how to use -

We suggest you use your Elvie once you have discussed with your pelvic floor expert rather you need to tone up (or not) your pelvic floor. Elvie is very intuitive to use and the app gives you instructions and live feedbacks on how you are doing your exercises. Simply download the app (available for iOS and Android), sync it to your Elvie trainer kegel and start your training.


- product details -


Material: body-safe silicone

No phthalate

100% Waterproof

Cleaning: toy cleaner

Travel size: yes

Height: 8.20 cm

Width: 3.10 cm

Rechargeable: usb

Play time: 4h

Weight: 54 gr

Noise: whisper quiet ( < 50dB)


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