The Orgasm Gap
The Orgasm Gap is a fact. But we can close it! Recent studies have shown that within heterosexual relationships, women tend to have fewer orgasms than their partners. For every three male orgasms, women have one. Exact percentages may vary slightly from study to study, but in general, lesbian women tend to climax 86% of the time and heterosexual women are way behind at 65%.

How can we close this gap?

One solution is to find the right toy for your clitoris. For centuries we thought intercourse alone enables women to orgasm. Reality tells us more than 70% of women need external clitoral stimulation - outercourse - to climax.

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Have you experienced the Orgasm Gap? Curious to learn more? Why does it exist? Other ways to close it?
“We can close the Orgasm Gap. There are two key ways to reach “orgasm equality”. First, we should overcome the pressure to have an orgasm, as it has a huge negative effect on the chances of it happening. Secondly, even though women have the same uniquely arranged body parts, they are also, all different. There is no magic technique that works every time, but there are an infinite number of ways to explore to get there.” K. Moyle - Sex Therapist
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