Period, Pain, Menopause and Pleasure
It's time to break the taboos around Period Sex, Painful Intercourse and Pleasure during Menopause. Almost all womxn will experience this in their lives, so it's your right to write your story as you like!

Ziggy Cup

There are many reasons (hormones, natural lubrication) why Period Sex can be extremely pleasurable, so why giving up on it? Now you can even have it mess-free!
Try Ziggy, a regular Menstrual Cup that is also Sex-Friendly. You don't feel it, your partner won't even notice it's there.
BTW, remember, your Blood is not Gross, it's Normal.
We started only few years ago unveiling womxn loose blood not blue liquids while menstruating.
Normalising periods has just started.
So it's not surprising most of the genuine comments womxn gave us when discussing Period is that they don't feel comfortable with their blood. If period sex is not your thing, that's totally fine.
But don't give up on it to avoid towels or a bit of mess, you can have Ziggy!
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Over 75% of womxn will experience pain during intercourse at some point in their lives. So you are definitely not alone!
We want you to take Control and start Enjoying your intimacy with OhNut, a set of soft buffering rings so you and your partner can not only discover comfort but also what depths feel really good—for both of you.
Discomfort (or pain) is something womxn seem to expect to experience when it comes to intimacy. Even womxn's debut into sexuality is supposed to be painful.
It takes so much time to unlearn what we have been told for centuries, but pain is never normal. It can be common, but that doesn't mean you should not find out the reason for it or try to relieve the pain.
Pleasure is a Human Right, you Deserve it.
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Menopause is a transition, not the end.
Let's overcome the common idea that when a womxn gets to menopause her sexual life is over.
A great way to keep the pelvic floor into shape and the vaginal canal active is via Kegel Training. Try Elvie, the world's leader smart trainer, to solve any leaks and keep you active down there!
For sure Menopause comes with changes in your body and hormones, but we also know that 1/3 of womxn over 70 yo are still sexually active!
Once again society has imposed womxn to retire from their sexual life when ageing, but that's not the way our body (or sexuality) works. We are sexual beings from puberty to death.
Our attitude plays a key role in pleasure, so if you are not ready to give up, find out more about Elvie and all solutions for Menopause.
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