Selflove Pillars

Masturbation Month is here to remind us self love is wonderful and totally right. Let's start celebrating it by debunking the mythes on masturbation and focusing on the benefits of orgasms!

Orgasms not only feel amazing, but also have a number of mental and physical benefits.


They release dopamine, and so can make you feel happier

They release oxytocin, which is linked to bonding. This can boost passion, intuition and social skills

This flush your cortisol, which can release tension and stress (perfect for those in stressful jobs)

A good orgasm can help you sleep better, which makes you feel great the next day.



Lowering blood pressure

Easing period pain

Helping menstrual blood come out faster (due to the contractions) – Win Win!

Keeping your libido going – the more orgasms you have the more you want. Masturbating is a great way to keep sex exciting if you're in a relationship and if you're between partners, it can keep things ticking over

Looking younger and making skin brighter

Increasing overall sense of wellness.



Mythes on female masturbation to get rid of?

Masturbation is less important than penetration

Masturbation is selfish

Masturbating in an happy and healthy realtionship is wrong

Masturbation is cheating on your partner

Touching yourself during sex is not a nice thing for your partner

Masturbating more times per day is unhealthy

Masturbation is something to be ashamed of

Masturbating will reduce your sexual desire

Masturbation is something women don't do/need.


Selflove is the most radical from of love; Selflove is healthy; Selflove is normal; Selflove is so much needed to have an healthy, pleasurable sexual life.


Celebrate Masturbation Month at its best:




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