Arielle - period-proof swimwear

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- description -

Be a mermaid even during your period! Our menstrual swimsuit Arielle, with its absorbent organic cotton core, will protect you from light flows and spotting, in and out of the water. Its high waist slightly hugs the hips and its belt can be tied, in a pretty knot or crossed on the belly, sculpt your waist with a retro look. Its textured honeycomb fabric completes the look.

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- how to use -

In the sea or in the pool, the water pressure slows down (but does not stop!) the period flow: the amount of blood lost is therefore minimal and is generally diluted in the water as you move. This is normal, and it is thanks to this property that our lingerie and swimsuit are easily rinsed before being machine-washed.

The technology of our Arielle swimsuit is particularly useful when you get out of the water. Its elastic at the thighs and its absorbent core, which do not absorb too much water, allow to retain efficiently the viscous fluids inside, like blood, while the breathable polyamide allows the water to evacuate quickly as soon as you get out of the water so that it doesn't weigh down the swimsuit.

This avoids the unpleasant surprise of blood running down your thighs after swimming. This gives you plenty of time to change!
For heavier flows, it is possible to wear our Arielle bikini bottoms in addition to another sanitary protection (cup, organic tampon...).

- which is you size? -


Sizes available from XS to 3XL, like regular size clothes.


- how to wash -


You can wash your Arielle swimwear at 30° (do not use softner) in the washing machine or, if you prefer, you can hand wash it (do not use Marsiglia soap or oily ones). Avoid ironing.

If you prefer, you can use your period-proof swimwear in combo with a menstrual cup or a tampon, for an extra safety.

Every person is different and has a different flow, so we suggest that you first try your period-proof swimwear for a few hours, during different days of your period, in order to test its absorbency compared to your flow.

- product details -


100% organic cotton on your intimate parts

80% nylon 20% spandex on the outside






No smell

Eco friendly



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